Shame on you, Bishop Tobin.

Bishop Tobin and the Catholic Diocese of Providence allegedly destroyed the retirement security of their own health care workers – primarily retired female nurses and health professionals.

Now, these nurses and health professionals are fighting back. They don’t have any other choice. Their livelihood depends on it.

As a Catholic in RI, you can do something about it:


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It’s time for Bishop Tobin to do the right thing.

When the Catholic Church allegedly failed to properly fund their own health care workers’ pension system for a decade, they did more than financially mismanage an asset – they ruined the financial future of the very workers who selflessly served the Church and their patients for decades.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of the roughly 2,700 participants in the pension plan for current and retired employees of Fatima Hospital and the former St. Joseph Hospital accused the Catholic Church and other defendants of “fraud and conspiracy.” All of the defendants have settled this lawsuit – except the Diocese of Providence, which still refuses to take accountability for its actions.

The Church now remains as the sole defendant not to settle and has been obstinate in their disregard of the workers, despite running a massive capital campaign called Grateful For God, which earmarks $8 million to fund the lifestyles of retired priests, because “we can’t abandon them.”

As a Catholic in RI, you can do something about it:


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